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Services Contracts

If your business relies primarily on espresso, your machine might make several hundred shots a day. Running your machine until it tires and breaks down on the spot, is not only frustrating, but costly as well. Why not consider a service contract with Moschetti, Inc.? We can set up a regular maintenance schedule for your machine, to insure that your business does not have to shut down while waiting for repairs. Please ask for details.

Parts Department

Because we are committed to a strong working relationship with you, we not only provide efficiency in handling your parts orders, but we also offer expertise in the service of espresso machines. We have a large warehouse/showroom in Vallejo, CA where we maintain a broad inventory of parts imported from Europe, for all makes of espresso machines. Having parts readily available saves time in getting your machine primed and running smoothly. Our “expert” service professionals guarantee that you receive the right parts for your machine. Furthermore, we save you money by importing directly, eliminating the middleman.

New machines

Sometimes purchasing a new machine can be more cost effective, in the long run, than servicing an old machine. A new machine drastically reduces down time and service costs. Moschetti offers new espresso machines.